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Meet Nita

Former Miss National Fitness and IFBB Professional Athlete, Nita Marquez says her most surprising stunts have been off the stage, as an entrepreneur and single sole-supporting parent to her three children.


On her own at age 13, very few people expected her to have success in life. Though she was a high school dropout at 16, she returned at 17 to complete her high school education and went on to receive a full academic scholarship to the University of Arizona. In her schooling, she discovered sciences of communications & neurology. She went into the sport of Fitness and Bodybuilding, which ironically introduced her to fashion design and coaching others.
With a heart for empowerment and an acuity for high performance, her body-positive clothing line, OnTheMarq Jumpsuit boasts as
The ONLY Jumpsuit
For EVERY Woman
For EVERY Occasion!
She hosts a podcast centered around empowerment through self-awareness in ITunes, OnTheMarqUNeDITeD.
Furthermore, after nearly 20 years as an athlete, her passion for fitness combined with her love for empowering people blossomed beyond personal training and nutrition plans.
Nita is now taking her coaching expertise to the masses with her self-devised and researched CHAMPION Peak Performance & Stress Management System. You can download a free copy of her audiobook and learn more at NitaMarquez.com