Our Mission Mantra

Keep Life Moving. Empower Your Beauty. Be Phenomenal™

The OnTheMarq™ Mission is to remind every woman of her own beauty. When a woman feels beautiful, she feels so powerful that she can conquer anything! Our Jumpsuits are designed to showcase a woman’s strength and bodylines in a way that she emanates her beauty through confidence.​

The OnTheMarq™ Jumpsuit is The ONLY Jumpsuit for EVERY Woman for EVERY Occasion…

With the patent-pending DropCut™ design, the OnTheMarq™ Jumpsuit Helps You Keep Life Moving by Providing Versatility, Efficiency, and Style.

Empower Yourself. Keep Life Moving with clean, easy and fast restroom breaks, and less laundry since you can go to work dressed up in your DropCut™ Jumpsuit and then head straight to the gym without changing! Not to mention, you don't have to spend as much on clothes!

Beauty is Every Woman’s Truth! OnTheMarq™ wants you to feel like the force of nature that you are! And with one piece for all occasions, we make it easy to look and feel phenomenal and keep life moving, while supporting single-mother families.


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Empower Your Beauty and Empower a Single Mother. Be Phenomenal